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There's A Way Out, 1994
No Joke, 1997
Mark Hauser feat. Heriberto (Heri) Paredes. Mexican Boleros y Tangos Vol. 1, 2000
Mark Hauser Quintett Milonga del Angel. Mexican Boleros y Tangos Vol, 2, 2001
Mark Hauser - A Tribute to Art Pepper, 2013
Hauser Baader - Live at Jazzbaragge Zürich, 2013
Mark Hauser - Live at Baerechaeller, 2013
NuTube COLORs, 2014
Mark Hauser Quartet It's All About The Journey, 2015

Mark Hauser's CDs are now available on iTunes, Amazon and from other online retailers. His CDs have been released under his own label "bettersound".


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