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The musician

Markus Hauser (* 30th November 1971 in Näfels) is a Swiss musician (alto, soprano, tenor, baritone saxophonist, clarinet, transverse flute), band leader, composer and music teacher.

Markus Hauser, born in Glarus, began his musical career as a saxophonist at the age of 15. After two years at St. Gallen Jazz School, Hauser studied at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston and graduated in 1993, majoring in performance. He spent several more years studying with Kenny Garrett, Joe Viola, Hal Crook, George Garzone and Jerry Bergonzi. Having been awarded a scholarship, he undertook further study at New York's Manhattan School of Music, where he refined his repertoire and expanded his professional network as a professional musician. In 2011 he embarked upon another period of study in the Brazilian city of Salvador da Bahia. His most recent compositions are influenced by his exposure to South American idioms and jazz improvisations.

Among his numerous projects as bandleader, his most important works include volumes 1 and 2 of "Boleros y Tangos", "There’s a Way out", "No Joke", "NuTube" and "A Tribute to Art Pepper". Another musical innovation is "NuTube", which has been run successfully by Hauser and his project partners Loris and Paolo Peloso for several years.

Not least his leadership is also reflected in how he interacts with the audience. Hauser knows more than anyone else how to embrace the audience through his sympathetic and enthralling introductions and how to let the audience be part of his musical journey. In addition to his work as a freelance musician, he is also a lecturer and examination expert at various universities and gives private tuition.

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