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20 Years on Stage - Transition

17 December 2013 will mark 20 years since Mark Hauser graduated from Berklee College of Music. His first album "There's A Way Out" was released in 1994, which was the start of his professional music career. Meanwhile he established himself as a professional musician and made a name for himself as a saxophonist with numerous concerts. In 2001 the magazine Swissjazzorama published an article entitled "Mark Hauser - a name that everyone should keep in mind".

His latest project "20 Years on Stage - Transition" is a retrospective and a look forward. 4 new albums that document his work over the past 10 years are being released to mark his anniversary on stage. The jazz fan community can look forward to a few surprises from the "Transition" project in anniversary year 2014.
Send Mark Hauser an email if you are interested in finding out more.

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